Introducing Kell’s Kitchen

When I feel restless and itchy-handed I love to search for new recipes and get my hands dirty in the kitchen (of course Kell’s Kitchen). Nothing feels as satisfying as whipping a bowl of heavy cream using an old-fashioned whisk, or smelling the aroma of yummy-licious food wafting out of the oven, or watching loved ones relish your effortfully-prepared treats.

Of course I won’t be as ambitious as Julie in Julie & Julia to attempt to finish an entire cookbook in a year. It’ll be less structured because after all I’m still a student, in university and in my own kitchen. I cook to de-stress between busy days of “pressure-ful” Singaporean education, or just to find pleasure in a lazy afternoon at home.

I don’t have a fancy kitchen with state-of-the-art electric stove and fancy equipments – just modest small oven, handy plastic measuring cup, plain white mixing bowls, hand mixer with 3 speeds, hand whisk and a trusty green rubber spatula.. Plus the occasional additions I buy to reward myself! Recipes here are tried and tested, fool-proof, and are guaranteed to bring out satisfied yummy sounds from picky eaters like Ratatouille’s Ego.

So get down to work and try the recipes out when you feel tempted to take a bite out of your screen!

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