Bruleed Lemon Tartlets

It has been a while since the last time I published a post, thanks to the examinations and the hours of revision they required, plus the dreadful weather that made spending hours in the kitchen totally unbearable. So when it started raining cats and dogs one afternoon, I grabbed that chance to get back in the kitchen!

Bruleed Lemon Tartlets

Because I wasn’t (and still am not) confident in making tarts, I halved the recipe to try it out first. This is one of my first attempts at making tarts, and I haven’t really perfected it yet. The rolled out pastry just doesn’t seem to be of the consistency and elasticity of that I see in cooking shows on TV. The pastry dough was a little hard to work with (or at least for me), and I had to patch up cracks as I went along.

The results weren’t that disappointing though, the tart shells were light and crumbly with a hint of sweetness, which worked well with the tangy lemon filling. The recipe calls for a burnt sugar crust on top of the tartlets, but at first I was a bit apprehensive because the filling was already sweet. Mum and Sis commented that the filling was too sour, so I followed the recipe and bruleed the tartlets (Okay it was another excuse to use my blowtorch :P). The brulee not only added some sweetness, but also a slight bitterness and extra texture to the dessert.

As I said earlier this was just a test batch so I didn’t take the usual step-by-step photos. I’m planning to make some changes for the subsequent batch, like making it less sweet, less sour and probably more creamy (work in progress). But just in case you can’t wait to try this recipe, here it is: Donna Hay’s Tangy Lemon Tartlets with a Burnt Sugar Crust

Perk-you-up Tartlets, try them!

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