Introducing Tofu Mousse…

Okay it might seem pretty weird that I haven’t been posting any new recipes these past few months and doing it now right smack in the middle of the examination period. I’ve been pretty busy this whole semester so sorryyyy! And now I need to de-stress and get away from the piles of books and notes on my study table. Plus I can’t wait to introduce to you something most of you would probably not expect… Nutella (Tofu) Mousse!

What kind of person would ever have thought about using Tofu to make a mousse? Well, I don’t know but it certainly isn’t me. The silken tofu actually forms the base of this mousse and gives a pudding-like texture, instead of the usual whipped cream and eggs (like in this Martha Stewart recipe, which I’ve tried and unfortunately failed). And yes I can read your mind (Psychology major, kidding!), no you won’t be able to taste the tofu in the mousse, that would be quite mortifying. The resulting mousse is silky and light, and best of all you won’t feel as guilty as eating a whole portion of cream-based mousse!

If you look at the recipe of a regular chocolate mousse, you’d find that a lot of steps are involved, which means a greater chance of messing something up. It also doesn’t help that the steps are rather complex like whisking egg yolks till pale and frothy, boiling sugar and corn syrup till clear large bubbles form, and then whisking the hot syrup into the eggs… *worry worry worry* and not a relaxation technique suitable for an examination period. To make a tofu mousse, just pour all ingredients into a blender, blend till smooth, pour in individual ramekins!

Just in case you are still unconvinced, here’s a sneak peak at the portion of mousse I had just now:

Nutella (Tofu) Mousse

So, for a fool-proof mousse, why not try a tofu mousse? Your friends/guests wouldn’t even suspect that there is tofu in their dessert 😛

Think about it, weigh the costs and benefits, rationalise your decision… while I perfect the Nutella (Tofu) Mousse Recipe, because it’s currently too sweet for my taste. But if you really can’t wait, try this recipe.

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