A New Year, A New Start

I realised it has been ages since my last post, life really took over. So many things have happened in these past years (has it already been years!?). In a nutshell, I’ve struggled through my Honours courses and thesis, said difficult goodbyes to friends, celebrate my graduation, traveled to parts of Malaysia, India and Indonesia, enjoyed period of nothing-ness. And now, I’m currently based in London doing a Psychology research internship!

I am currently doing research on eating disorders, which is interesting to people because they draw parallels to my love for food. Don’t get me wrong, eating disorders are serious disorders that could be life-threatening, but I am just fascinated with them.

Since I’ve been in London, I’ve gotten more opportunities to cook and bake, since, well, I have to feed myself. No more cheap hawker foods, no more Mbak (a term Indonesians use for “aunty”) who could cook for me; but new supermarkets I get to explore, new ingredients that are difficult to find back home! Also it is really expensive eating out in London, so home-cooked food is often the way to go.

Updates about this blog since my last post!

1. I am surprised that there are still views even though it hasn’t been active, and I’m glad.

2. It has been featured in Singapore’s Weekender magazine a grand total of FOUR times! *dance in celebration*

White Chocolate Matcha Cupcakes in the Weekender Vanilla Bean Mochi Cake in the Weekender Nutella Cupcakes in the Weekender Lavender Shortbread in the Weekender

A commitment for 2014

This new year, I commit to start posting regularly again, this time not only dessert recipes, but also simple recipes fit for poor students like us. Perhaps even restaurant/cafe recommendations in London, for those who are interested. 🙂

Spoiler alert… The annual World Nutella Day (February 5th) is coming soon!!!

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